Woods Walk

will be a muzzle loader

Hopefully in 2019 the Glennie Sportsman's Club will host its first woods walk shoot. This woods walk will be a muzzle loader event. It will last one day, preferably on a Saturday. The walk will be a trail approximately 100yds. long through the woods behind the berm on the upper trap range. The walk will be divided into 11 off hand firing positions. 10 positions will have a metal target of different designs. These targets will be 1/2” thick and will move when hit. The competitor will not know what the range is of the target. Loading will only be done at each position. The 11th position is for the tie breaker target.

Competitors will consist of a 4 shooter group and a line judge. The line judges job is to enforce safety and score each shooter. Each group will be spaced out on the walk to avoid backups. Safety glasses and hearing protection are strongly recommended. Safety is #1 priority in this type of shooting.

The firearms must be muzzle loaders with no scopes. Black powder or Black powder substitute for propellant. No open powder containers on the firing line or loading benches. Only lead bullets or patched round ball. There will be more rules explained at each shoot.

The woods walk trail is about 1/3 completed. Hopefully it will be ready in late spring. I have always liked this type of muzzle loading shooting because you are honing your skills with a firearm that our forefathers used in the wilderness to survive and its also fun being with people that enjoy this type of unique shooting. If you would like to volunteer to help with the setting up of the woods walk or have questions contact me Bruce Welther 989-335-1417.