Our philosophy is to run our Trap range at the break-even point after accounting for the cost of targets, lighting and wear-n-tear on the equipment. Our costs for clay targets has risen significantly over the past few years, but we try to keep our prices as low as we can:

$5.00 cash per line
$3.00 cash per line

Don't be bashful about getting started in Trap - everybody is "new" at least once! If you would like some help or just want to practice, just let the manager know and we will do our best to help you out. Sunday afternoons are often a good time for new shooters to come to the club and get introduced to these games. The shooting crowd has thinned-out a bit and we have more time to work with you. It is often helpful to new shooters for us to turn off the horizontal wobble so that the machine throws the same bird on every cycle. Just ask the manager

How is Trap managed?

Trap is managed at the range. Come, sign-up and pay for your line.

Firearm actions MUST be left OPEN and unloaded until you are on station and ready to shoot. Please wait until your squad is finished with the line before you pick up your empty shells off the ground, there is less chance of stumbling with a loaded gun. This keeps the squad moving along faster as well as being safer for all on the field.

We only use "target loads" and the largest shot size we allow on our Trap field is 7½, 12 and 20-gauge target shells and .410 gauge.


Our machines have enough capacity to handle at least 3 squads before reloading. For your own safety, unless otherwise directed, we ask that you leave the task of reloading our Trap machines to the assigned manager.

Recommended Equipment

  • Eye protection must be worn at all times. Shooters on our Trap field face the Eastern sky, so sunglasses are usually needed in the mornings.
  • Ear protection must be worn at all times. Many shooters now use electronic hearing protection. These devices enhance safety by enabling one to hear commands and conversations, but limit intense sounds to a safe level.
  • Clothing Commercial type trap vests and shotgun shooting shirts are permitted as well as clothing normally suitable for existing climatic temperatures. Otherwise, you will need a pouch to hold your shells and empties.